A Quest For Answers

Kannalíf started with a simple conversation “what’s the science behind CBD and what products are based on that science”.

The answer shocked us and lead us on a global journey of research, discovery and countless hours of formulation. From the university’s of Israel to the leading Canadian geneticists, from the fields of Kentucky and Colorado to the top of tropical jungle mountains (yes we literally climbed mountains) we sought answers.

Our backgrounds in organic chemistry and brand development combined with an insatiable quest for answers led us to build our company with a simple mission.

Use the latest scientific research to develop the best cannabinoid products.



We are all different and a one size fits all approach is an archaic approach to personal health that we aim to change.   

Our research shows that micro dosing keeps the body in a constant state of homeostasis, a major factor in the delivery and effectiveness of CBD dosing. Kannalíf products are develop with this in mind.

We cover all aspects of your day from the morning pick me up to the calming effects of our sleep line. Need a boost in the middle of the day or need to revive after that Mid morning workout, we’ve got you covered.

We hope you join us on this journey to create the best CBD solutions for your daily life.