Biohacking is the practice of changing our chemistry and our physiology through art and science of self-experimentation to energize, enhance and gain more control over your own biology.

 Most of us realize that everyone is slightly unique and from a DNA perspective we know we are distinctly different from everyone else. So how we approach our health cannot be a one size fits all solution. What we put into our body affects what we get out. Those intrigued by bio-hacking realize that if they tweak what they put in, even in small amounts, they can upgrade what they get out, like energy and mood for example.

Biohackers get is excited because they realize they can take back control of systems in their body that they never knew could be influenced. There are so many factors in our day that affect our health and wellness and they are generally unrealistic to control. Things like pollution, food we didn’t cook, additives, preservatives, toxins in our water supply and so on.

All of these external factors knock our systems out of balance and affect the quality of our health and over sense of wellness. At Kannalíf we formulate with the desire to reverse, protect and optimize our inner biology. Our Kannalíf community raves about the overall sense of health, wellness and vitality after learning how to optimize their body with the Kannalíf products that fit their needs and desires.

Most of the population whom purchase Kannalíf was not exposed to the Endocannabinoid sysem as it has only been discovered in the late 1980s to early 90s. WE didn’t know how to optimize our ECS because we didn’t even know we had this incredible system. Once discovered researchers determined the ECS is responsible for various physiological and cognitive processes including pain sensation, mood, appetite, memory, immune function, fertility, pregnancy,
metabolism and sleep.

The endocannabinoid system is unique for every individual, like a finger print. Bio-hacking and experimentation go hand in hand. Kannalíf has taken the confusion and need to experiment out of the equation. Our research has discovered methods of delivery, timing of delivery and additional functional nutraceuticals in order to make hacking with CBD attainable for everyone.